Roscoe Village Show – Oct. 13

The Truck Show will be landing on Saturday, Oct. 13 at the Richard Clark Park in Roscoe Village/North Center neighborhoods to help celebrate the Clark Park community and remember Riverview Amusement Park.  Come support the park, celebrate the last remaining public green space once home to Riverview, and enjoy the festivities!  It will be fun for the whole family—concessions, a raffle, games, and an entertaining show!

In addition to our scripted acts that play homage to Riverview and other Chicago histories,  the following guest performers will join us on the  stage-show:

  • Tim the Mind Bender, Tim Casady, will warm up the stage pre-show
  • Lydia Landor
  • Poor Elvis, Andrew Francis + Pamela Maurer
  • Casey Brown
  • Sid Yiddish
  • Laughing Eye Weeping Eye, Rebecca Schoenecker and Patrick Holbrook

And we will have sideshows and activities for audiences to participate in before the show begins.


  • Man in a Bag, Nicolás Rojas
  • The Bee-Bearded Lady Photo Opp, Stacey Richey
  • Proud Pigeon’s “The Coooooky Contest” by Kayce Bayer

When + Where

4pm Sideshows  |  5pm Stage-show

October 13:  Roscoe/North Center  –  at the North end of the Clark Park Playlots
(3400 N. Rockwell St., take Addison Bus #152 to Rockwell Ave. and walk South on Rockwell)


FREE ADMISSION!  (But bring some money for the food and activities)

To learn more about the Park, visit

For more on the Fundraiser, contact Bill Donahue, Clark Park Advisory Council President: