Pilsen – Oct. 27

The Truck Show’s last stop of the tour will be on Saturday, Oct. 27 at the Growing Station Community Garden in Pilsen.  In addition to the usual scripted acts, and a few very talented guest performers, we have a special act that honors the Pilsen area’s long history of community activism.

Piggy-backing on the garden’s Annual Harvest Fest, we are also helping to celebrate the immediate garden community!  There will be garden award nominations, activities for kids, a costume contest, and neighborhood potluck.  Dress up, bundle up, bring a dish or snack to share, and a blanket/chair to sit on while you enjoy the show!  This will be our sweetest show yet!

Guest stage-show performers:

  • Tim the Mind Bender, Tim Casady, will warm up the stage pre-show
  • Poor Elvis, Andrew Francis + Pamela Maurer
  • Soultry, Chaniel Clark
  • Authentic American Indian Casey Brown
  • Sid Yiddish
  • Laughing Eye Weeping Eye, Rebecca Schoenecker and Patrick Holbrook

And we will have sideshows and activities for audiences to participate in before the show begins.


  • Man in a Bag, Nicolás Rojas
  • Tarot Readings, Rebecca Schoenecker
  • The Bee-Bearded Lady Photo Opp, Stacey Richey
  • Proud Pigeon’s “The Coooooky Contest”, Kayce Bayer
  • Garden Community Nominations, Kids Crafts, and Pot Luck
  • (possibly Area Chicago’s Pilsen literature, Sam Barnett)

When + Where

4pm Sideshows/Activities

5pm Stage-show

October 27:  Pilsen  –  at the Growing Station Community Garden
(945 W. 21st, between Morgan and Peoria St., take Halsted Bus #8 to 21st St., and walk West on 21st a half-block passed Peoria)

FREE ADMISSION! (some sideshow activities may request a donation—Tarot Reading, etc.)