Pilsen Show


The Truck Show’s last stop of the tour was on Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012 at the Growing Station Community Garden in Pilsen. In addition to the usual scripted acts, and a few very talented guest performers, we had a special act that honored the Pilsen area’s long history of community activism.

*You can see above how our stage-props and marquis began to show their wear. Poignantly, the sign was blown over by the fierce cold wind during set-up, lost its curtained marquis and split in half.  😦

Our Pilsen Act:pilsen-protest

To reference Pilsen’s long history of community activism AND the community-building spirit of this garden, Kayce Bayer wrote the skit “Veggies vs. Dirt.” The veggies, played by other cast members and volunteers, strike against the poor growing conditions, a.k.a. dirt.  The script references the following characters, each carrying a protest sign appropriate for their individual plight:

  • Asparagus:  August Spies (representing 1886 May 3rd Strike + Haymarket Riot)
  • Onion:  Hannah Shapiro (representing 1910 Garment Workers Strike)
  • Corn:  Rudy Lozano (representing 1960s + 70s Chicano activism/immigrant labor rights)
  • Lettuce: YOU (a member of Pilsen Alliance and P.E.R.R.O.—commemorating the recent victory for clean air, 2 Coal Plants closing—2012)
  • + others (audience participants) representing Jane Addams, Albert Parson, some representing the Battle of the Viaduct, 1877 RR Strike…

The skit included labor music:

There is Power in the Union, by Joe Hill.  We used this as a reference:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O93YpTYCWRk

The Eight Hours Song written for the National Eight Hour Law campaign in 1869. Reference: http://www.chicagohistory.org/dramas/prologue/theLinesAreDrawn/forWhatWeWill_f.htm

Eight hours for work, eight hours for rest
Eight hours for what we will;
Eight hours for work, eight hours for rest
Eight hours for what we will.

A few other significant references:

The closing of the last two remaining Coal Plants in Pilsen:

Photos of the show:
(all photos by Brooke Herbert Hayes)

Pilsen program, designed by Heather Anderson: