Animation, Music, Backdrops

Every show included these custom-made projected visuals and music.


The “Headlines Timewarp” looks back in time through the headlines of Chicago neighborhood news–warping us to the year of the Great Fire, 1871. Research and animation by Chris Lin.


The “Fire” animation acted as a backdrop for silhouette puppets of buildings and debris.  While this played, the Hawk did her dance, demonstrating her strength as the wind that powered the flames to overtake the city. Sound and animation by Kayce Bayer.


The Hawk, written by Ryan Richey

Participatory Chant:

Socks on socks and shoes on shoes
And pants on pants and shirts on shirts
And hats on hats and coats on coats
And gloves on gloves and bags on shoes
And socks on pants and skirts on pants
And sacks on coats and scarves on scarves
And shirts on heads and hats on hands
And hair on face and skin on skin

The Onion Song, written by Kayce Bayer and Chris Lin


City of Big Shoulders
Where it’s Cooler by the Lake
Once a Land of Onions
Now a City on the Make

Paris on the Prairie
Hog Butcher of the World
You can make it happen here
Get caught up in the whirl



early Chicago drawing by Ryan Richey

Rustman's Mansion by Jenn Wilson

Rustman’s Mansion by Jenn Wilson

Palmer Race Track by Jenn Wilson

Palmer Race Track by Jenn Wilson

McCormick Reaper Works by Jenn Wilson

McCormick Reaper Works by Jenn Wilson

Wind illustration by Kayce Bayer

Wind illustration by Kayce Bayer


Frame for silhouette introduction to Schwinn and Rustman

Images used as scenes to accompany storyline: