Fire, Wind, Ice

Just a few recurring themes in our show.  With our history-making HEAT of late, these topics feel very relevant.

This is a still and the original soundtrack music from our fire diorama animation, which will debut on the truck-stage this October!

Meet the Characters

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the characters you’ll meet in the show this Fall!

Our main story, told through visuals, music, and short live-action bits, will play on a few historical characters, such as…
Ignaz Schwinn
John E. Rustman
Mile-a-Minute Murphy
August Spies + other noteworthy labor activists in Pilsen

and feature fictional characters, such as…
Denim Dennis, a Union Stone Mason turned swamp thing
Roscoe, a ticket taker at the Shoot-the-Chutes ride in the last days of Riverview
the Street Vendor/Traveling Salesman
Narrators:  Proud Pigeon and Hobo Cat
the Hawk

We have some amazing guest acts joining us, too.  A rhythm and revival musical duo, a throat singer, a classical tenor, a wandering accordion clown, a bellydancer and her snakecharmer, a fire breather, a bee-bearded lady, a magical mind bender, a soul sister and much more!

Learn more about all of us here.

tour site updates

We’re making some progress on WHERE the truck show will land in each community in October.  I don’t want to jinx it, but do want to share our progress.

In Pilsen, we are very honored to have the Growing Station Community Garden host our performance in celebration of their Harvest Fest.  We can’t wait to meet all the gardeners this summer in preparation!
In Logan Square, the Alderman approved our request to perform in the middle of Logan Square on the green near the Illinois Centennial Monument.  (Just figuring out the appropriate permitting.)

In the North Center neighborhood, we’ve been in talks with City Park managers and Park Advisory Council members to perform on the Clark Park playlots–the last remaining community green space on the very site of the Riverview Amusement Park (closed in 1967).  If you don’t know about Riverview, you should learn!  We plan to commemorate it in our show.

More soon!

Costume + Set Design

Just wanted to share some of the Art Team’s sketches of costume + stage set planning.

We’ve been receiving some pretty great entries for performer participants, but we’re still taking proposals (until May 1st). If you’d like to join us—send your ideas soon!  More info here.



“The Great Fire: A Traveling Truck Show” Project!
We are planning an extraordinary show of assorted whimsy performed by an idiosyncratic cast of characters, due to tour Chicago neighborhoods in Fall 2012.  Follow our thread for news on the project, including future tour sites, dates + times.