This lot has something comin’!

This may just look like an ordinary parking lot in an industrial area of Chicago, but come Oct. 20 it will transform into a very curious place indeed.

Located at 1837 W. Hubbard St., our West Town show will start a little later than the others.  So…leave the kids at home and come out for an unexpected night of whimsy.  It will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

All the details of the tour can be found here.

The Awesome Foundation thinks we’re AWESOME!

Last night, on the monument in Logan Square, Jon Dugan and a few other trustees of the Chicago Chapter of the Awesome Foundation awarded us monies to help fund this crazy project.  The dollars will cover our truck, generator, and stage/set supplies.  Yay!  Thanks so much Awesome Foundation!!!  You are the wind in our wings!

The Chicago Awesome Foundation is AWESOME, too!  Learn more about them here:
or follow on twitter @chicagoawesome
They have funded some great projects this year and more is to come!

And for the big hand-off, we got to try out a few of our costumes.  What d’ya think?
(All photos by Becky of Chicago Awesome–thanks for sharing!)



Walking with Mr. Riverview

A few of us got a tour of the Clark Park woods led by Mr. Riverview himself, Ralph Lopez.  He used to work the Chutes ride from 1957 – 1968, and has dedicated his life to remembering Riverview Park, collecting ephemera and sharing his memories through educational talks and tours.  He has a book, Laugh your troubles away: The complete history of Riverview Park, and a DVD.  You can purchase on his website:

He may very well come to our Roscoe/North Center show in Clark Park, since we will be commemorating the lost park.

Mr. Lopez said that “the Bobs” was the best rollercoaster of all time.  Here is a little clip I found on YouTube that takes us on the ride:

Our Logan Square community booth was a hit!

Last weekend we participated in the Milwaukee Ave Arts Fest with a little activity booth.  “In My Time, Logan Square” invited community members and fest-goers to explore a bit of area history and share their own memories/stories about the neighborhood.  It was a positive experience overall!  Read more and see some photos of the weekend here: