“In My Time” Community History Booth

We participated in the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival, with a FREE activity booth.  The booth was set up like a museum archiving project in-the-making about the Logan Square neighborhood, referencing some of our research in prepping for the Truck Show.  Fest goers were invited to “write their own history”, adding their story to the collaborative archive.

Wall 1 held a collection of images–photographs and documents of historical people and places from the neighborhood.

Wall 2 held a large community map, on which archivists (anyone!) could collectively document important personal places or events.

Wall 3 held a story-share timeline: for the collection of brief events and stories about people and the area.

The booth was up for 3 days, located right behind the Illinois Centennial Monument on the Square, and generated a lot of conversation about the neighborhood.

What didn’t make the walls:  exchanges between perfect strangers about memories of the neighborhood, old-timers giving first-hand context and back-story to the documents on display, and sincere pride for the area!

Thanks to everyone who participated!!!  We plan on sharing the filled-in map and timeline virtually (right here – so check back in a couple weeks) and will display the physical walls again at our Logan Square show October 6, for audience members to contribute.

Until then, check out some photos of the weekend:

(More on the MAAF here.)