Community Planning Events

Upcoming events:

“In My Time: Logan Square Community History” activity booth at the Milwaukee Ave Arts Fest, June 20 – 22

Meet + Greet in the Garden–community day at the Pilsen Growing Station Garden, Sunday, August 18 at 3:30pm

Ongoing:  Monthly Clark Park Advisory Council meetings  +  the collection of memories of Riverview


In an effort to make creative experience accessible and engage communities directly, we plan to activate our tour sites before performances, using our show theme and development as a connection tool.  We are offering a series of FREE workshops and community days to take place this Summer in community centers, gardens and schools near our tour sites.  The products of these events will contribute to the show, and include the audience in our process.

Workshops will explore elements of our show, such as visual storytelling, vaudevillian skit-writing and acting, songwriting, costume, prop, and puppet-making, etc—using Chicago History as our material to play on.

Community Days will invite community members to join in on an informal arts-and-crafts gathering.  We will host family art activities, based around our show themes–such as puppet-making, neighborhood map-making, broadside advertising, etc.  These get-together events will also feature a volunteer Storybank: for the collection of personal stories/memories/histories about the community/neighborhood.  Parts of these stories will be included in neighborhood-specific vignettes for each show.

To learn more about bringing a workshop to your neighborhood, contact Kayce (

Click here for our workshop proposal.