From early conceptualization to day of show set-up, we worked on this project for over a year. We met up once a month for planning, and eventually once a week for making and practice.

Here are some pics in-the-making:

Early Sketches of the Truck-Stage

by Kayce Bayer and Rebecca Schoenecker

Our Truck-Stage Model

made by Chris Lin and Kayce Bayer



made by Kayce Bayer, Chris Lin, Yolanda Escoto-Unna, Ryan Richey, Jenn Wilson, Stacey Richey, and Heather Anderson

Stage Sets + Props

designed by Chris Lin and Kayce Bayer
produced by Chris, Kayce, Jenn Wilson, Barrett Bayer, Heather Anderson, Young Cho, Yolanda Escoto-Unna, and Ryan and Stacey Richey


Backdrop Art

by Jenn Wilson and Ryan Richey

Skit + Storyline Planning



Site Set-up

And I couldn’t forget these shots (the first two by Patrick Holbrook) of the crew at work setting up the site and stage: