One year and one month ago, we were in the midst of touring our Truck Show. With some distance from the shows, and in transition for what is next, I wanted to use this site to archive the project, as a keeping place for all the details, images, credits, research, etc.

Peruse the drop-down menus at top or follow the narrative (with links) below for a behind-the-steering-wheel view of this project.

Meet WHO was involved in making this thing.

Meet the GUEST PERFORMERS who joined us on the tour.

Explore our RESEARCH + INSPIRATION for the show.

See images of the MAKING of this show: from the beginning stages of conceptualization to practice and site set-up.

Check out the custom ANIMATION, MUSIC, + BACKDROPS we created.

Learn about each show and its customized characters and acts.  Also see images from the individual events:


View our PR materials + some of the PRESS attention the project received.

Finally, you ask, “What’s next?”

Well…Chris and I are in the initial planning stages for a slightly smaller-scale public project that will debut this summer. To stay up on that news, you can “like” the Traveling Truck Show FB page, as we’ll make announcements there.

Thanks ya’ll!
~Kayce (AKA Proud Pigeon)