THIS SATURDAY, Oct. 6th, we will land on the Logan Square monument as our first stop with the Traveling Truck Show!  Tom Skillet says it’s going to be a little chilly, so bundle up and bring blankets.  Feel free to bring snacks, too.  Picnic on the monument, while you watch the show!

The Sideshows will be ready for audiences at 4pm.  Get your photo taken with the Bee-Bearded Lady, watch the Man in the Bag begin his experiment, and enjoy Monsieur Roberto’s accordion-playing wanderings.  You can get a Tarot Reading from a custom-illustrated deck of cards and sample the snow cone flavors of Jo Snow.  We have an amazing caricature artist, too!

Then stake out your spot on the stairs or grass!  With his ESP and mind-games, Tim the Mind Bender will get things started around 4:40pm on the truck-stage.

5pm–the BIG SHOW starts!  It will last about 90 minutes, and you won’t want to miss a minute!