Here’s a sneak peek at some of the characters you’ll meet in the show this Fall!

Our main story, told through visuals, music, and short live-action bits, will play on a few historical characters, such as…
Ignaz Schwinn
John E. Rustman
Mile-a-Minute Murphy
August Spies + other noteworthy labor activists in Pilsen

and feature fictional characters, such as…
Denim Dennis, a Union Stone Mason turned swamp thing
Roscoe, a ticket taker at the Shoot-the-Chutes ride in the last days of Riverview
the Street Vendor/Traveling Salesman
Narrators:  Proud Pigeon and Hobo Cat
the Hawk

We have some amazing guest acts joining us, too.  A rhythm and revival musical duo, a throat singer, a classical tenor, a wandering accordion clown, a bellydancer and her snakecharmer, a fire breather, a bee-bearded lady, a magical mind bender, a soul sister and much more!

Learn more about all of us here.